Leveraging the Supply Chain for Global Consumer Goods Company

Global Consumer Goods Company


  • Consumer Goods 


  • Microstrategy
  • SSIS
  • Microsoft SQL Server


  • Project Management
  • ETL Design & Implementation
  • Dashboard Design
  • Data entry system Design
  • Logical modelling
  • Database Design & Creation
  • Microstrategy application design and development
  • Testing & Deployment


Interactive dashboard capable of satisfying wide-ranging requirements across various KPI reporting levels, from warehouse operations managers to senior executives.
Ability to perform long term trending, site-on-site comparisons and drill data horizontally and vertically across all KPIs.
Enhanced decision-making capability and business insight.
Saving of effort and time by eradicating the use of Excel for data collection and reporting.


Our client runs daily operations meetings across all of their sites globally.  Prior to Eyecademy’s involvement these meetings were run by collecting data in Microsoft Excel with no ability to compare one site against another site.  The meetings follow a strict standard and take place at the same (local) time, following the same structure at every site.  Over 80 KPIs are reviewed at each meeting with performance over recent days, weeks and months reviewed as well as forecasting upcoming, pipeline demand.

The meetings are an essential part of our client’s day, being viewed as absolutely critical to the smooth-running of their multi-billion dollar business, active in 21 global markets and with a presence in the UK, Europe, North America, South America and Africa and Australia. Eyecademy were employed to change this intensely manual task into an automated process allowing for greater analysis of the data and improved ability to make future projections.

Eyecademy were engaged to develop an end-to-end solution suitable for deployment across our client’s international estate.

  • Data Entry: custom-built, form-based data entry solution suitable for use by our client and other 3rd-party logistics companies (3PLs).
  • Logical modelling: dimensional modelling of logistics business processes.
  • Physical database design & creation: creation of target database structures in Microsoft SQL Server.
  • ETL design & implementation: creation of extract, transform and load processes using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to move required data from source to target systems.
  • Microstrategy Dashboard front-end for use at daily performance meetings.
  • Full development lifecycle – requirements, design, schema build, report creation and dashboard design and development
  • Implementation of a security model to restrict user access to unauthorized data.

The client projects initial annual savings of £20-30m.

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