QUBE Global Retail Bank

QUBE Global Retail Bank

Global Retail Bank


  • Retail Banking 


  • Oracle SQL, PL/SQL
  • Oracle SQL Loader
  • SAP Business Objects


  • Project Management
  • SAP Business Objects Report Creation
  • SAP Business Objects Universe Creation


Analyse the Oracle SQL loader and PL/SQL scripts that load data for the QUBE system.
Identify where changes were needed to integrate the IFRS reporting elements that would be added to the source data.
Edit and recompile the Oracle packages.
Carry out Development and unit testing.
Work with a wide variety of stakeholders to manage the move from Development, Test and Production.
Edit the existing Business Objects Universe to accommodate the new IFRS elements.
Edit and re-publish the suite of reports built on the QUBE data.
Document the changes and ensure a smooth handover to MI Team.


After the Financial Crash of 2008, the banking industry revisited reporting on customer risk. A new approach to customer classification and monitoring was required, leading to the creation of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS 9). Our client implemented the IFRS reporting standards in a staged approach across all MI reporting.

Eyecademy were asked to carry out an impact analysis of the addition of IFRS fields to the General Ledger reporting. The results of the impact analysis fed into a project plan produced by Eyecademy – making changes to the Data loading process, scripts, Stage, Target tables and the automated loading of the Clients Oracle OLAP reporting suite.

Given the business-critical nature of the data, this was a staged implementation and involved bringing the client’s Oracle Development environment in line with Test and Production- working with the Business and Technology departments to ensure that long-standing business process was followed. Eyecademy worked closely with the client’s systems testing department to ensure that unit testing was successful.

During each stage Eyecademy held weekly meetings with the stakeholders keeping them informed of the progress and ensuring that each stakeholder was fully engaged as the project impacted on their area week by week. To implement the changes in production, Eyecademy created a playbook and, on the day of implementation, gathered Business and Technology stakeholders online to play out the changes through to success.

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