Our partnerships give our clients access to world class data software.

Whether your organisation needs to integrate its data or gain greater insight from  analytics we are here to help you choose the right software solutions for your business.

Talend is a leader in Data Integration.  Its open source integration software products offer real-time solutions for all types of data integration. With over 1300 enterprise customers, Talend is a proven partner on the journey to connecting the data-driven enterprise.  Read more about Talend.

MicroStrategy is an easy-to-use enterprise analytics platform that delivers dashboards, visualisations, mobile apps, and more. Eyecademy is one of the UK’s longest standing partners with MicroStrategy working with clients throughout the UK. 

Read more about Microstrategy.

Alteryx is the leader in self-service data analytics. Organisations who use Alteryx reduce their reliance on spreadsheets, tap into previously inaccessible data and decrease their reliance on IT. Alteryx gives you the time and tools to gain insights that deliver real business value.

Read more about Alteryx.