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My Top 10 Dashboards and Visualisations

The great thing about working in a data services organisation is that it allows me to spend time looking at data visualisations on a boundless range of subjects. Data presented in a visually interesting and interactive format, can make even the most dry and dense subjects, instantly accessible and compelling.

Each week in Eyecademy we share our favourite dashboard finds.  Here are just some of the fantastic dashboards we’ve discovered this year:

  1. Bugs on Subs

This remains one of my favourite dashboards, looking at DNA in New York City’s 466 open subway stations. The researchers found genetic material from 15,152 different species, most of them harmless or unidentified. Almost half the DNA belonged to bacteria.

  1. Wherever I lay my Hat that’s my Home

    Marvin Gaye may not have needed much of a deposit to find a comfy bed for the evening but if you’re planning on relocating in London today you’ll need to fork out an average of £419,647 as London’s property market continues its post-crash boom!

3.       How old are you?

Inspiring and depressing in equal measure, this dashboard compares you to the great, the good and the infamous, by age, against life moments and worldly success.

4.       What’s the world scared of?

According to the Guardian’s visualisation of research conducted by the Pew Research Center, Climate Change is top of the world’s agenda.

  1. The Data Racket

The world of sport is gaining increasing benefits from data analysis.  If winning the Davis Cup wasn’t enough to ignite a passion for tennis, perhaps this article and striking visualisations from National Geographic’s interview with Damien Saunder will turn you into a Wimbeldon fan.

  1. Routines to get the Creative Juices Flowing

From Sigmund Freud to Charles Darwin, this visualisation looks at the daily routines of our greatest creative minds.  This is also now a book available from Amazon.

  1. Life Expectancy

People are living longer around the world, some more so than others. This dashboard tracks life expectancy rates from 1960 and allows you to select a region to compare, or roll over to the graph to highlight countries.

  1. Scotland Census: Deaths

We’re closer to Eyecademy’s home with this visualisation on the causes of death in Scotland from 2012 to 2014.

  1. What have Martin Scorcese, The Cohen Brothers and Peter Jackson got in common?

They all feature in this Tableau visualisation  on Top Movie Directors by Film.

And let’s finish on a word visualisation of caution…

  1. Chicken Consumption correlates with US Crude Oil Imports

    If we ever needed a reason to be cautious with data analytics, Spurious Correlations is it. Now published and available to buy on Amazon, Spurious Correlations highlights some of the dangers of data analysis by way of per capita cheese consumption and people dying in entangled bedsheets!

There are loads more fantastic visualisations out there.  If you’d like to share your favourites please email us at

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Louise Rutherford

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