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We are a business-focused, professional consultancy. We provide Data Services in Data Analytics, Visualisation, Data Science and Software Development. We will drive your data to provide increased profitability for your organisation and higher productivity from your people

Our Collaborative Delivery Model

Our team is your team too. Here at Eyecademy we strive to work as closely with our customers as possible to ensure that we are always delivering value in our Data Services


Project Management

The implementation of a Data  solution can be challenging and costly unless a structured approach is adopted. We help you define the success criteria for the solution before beginning and we help you meet those criteria using our Agile approach. 



We work with our customers to ensure that our team is your team too. Our specialists work alongside your people providing thought leadership, guidance, support and technical know-how to ensure that all your projects come in on time and in budget.


All our services provide tangible outputs. Working in collaboration with you we are able to deliver the practical results to prove the success criteria alongside the documentation you need for Discovery, Implementation and Handover, when you need it.

Our Services

From Descriptive to Predictive

Where is your business or organisation right now? What data do you need to surface to get the full picture?
What insights can you get?  How will you get the skills and experience required to fuel those insights?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could model your data using modern statistical techniques to be able to predict where your business is going to be?

Work with us to answer those questions and much more.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a data-driven culture in every organisation and deliver more insight, improved performance and data-confident citizens.

Data Driven Culture

Your data is your business. The more data you can surface, the more its value can be recognised by your staff. Let us help you develop a culture where that data value becomes a drive for everybody.

Improved Performance

Imagine an organisation where the  data you need is at your fingertips and not obscured under a systems mountain. Imagine the improvements in performance made possible by instant answers to questions you could never ask before. 

Insight From Data

Through our expertise in Analytics, Data Science and Business Automation, Eyecademy can drive your data to provide insights that in turn will drive profitability for your organisation and higher productivity from your people.

Data Confident Citizens

The more your people work with ours, the more confident they will become. We are always ready to answer questions and to empower your staff to do more, know more. With their confidence comes insights and trust.

Our Services

Partners In Your Digital Transformation

Wherever you are in your Digital Transformation we can help. Are you just starting out and beginning to introduce more digital systems? Do you need help gaining real-time access to help speed up your decision making? Are you ready to gain real insights into your business? Are you ready to take advantage of the power of AI and Machine Learning?

Whatever stage you’re at, trust us to be your Data Partner.

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