At Eyecademy, we have a growing in-house analytics capability.

Whether its predicting consumer trends, advanced forecast modelling or predicting risk, our in-house data analysts can provide solutions that are based on state-of-the-art data science.

We can examine, enrich and analyse your data, regardless of source or type, to help you to identify patterns, spot trends and make predictions. Our innovative software and techniques allow us to turn your disparate, unconnected data into powerful intelligence and insight. Our team of data scientists, business analysts and developers can build and supply long term solutions that will give you a competitive edge for today and tomorrow.

Agile Project Management

Business Analysis


Decision Analysis

Predictive Analysis

Demand Forecasting

Workforce Analytics

Spatial Analysis

Statistical Modelling

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

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COVID-19 Notice

During the current COVID-19 crisis we are working remotely from home on our clients' projects. We can be contacted on 0844 335 0345, on our mobiles or email as normal.

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