Christmas Dashboard Showcase: Festive Statistics with Tableau

19th December 2019

by Srikant Tumma, Data Consultant

With Christmas time fast approaching, what better way to share the data cheer than with a festive dashboard!

For this dashboard, designed by one of our Data Consultants Srikant, we take a look at some of the UK’s Christmas preferences. 

Srikant’s overall vision was to create a colourful dashboard, combining fancy visualisations with some festive survey data on the UK’s Christmas card preferences, planned spending categories, and trends in grocery prices during the festive season. In designing the layout of the dashboard, Srikant found some great inspiration from Tableau Magic to represent the data featured.


Christmas Card Perceptions in the UK

The first visualisation, which display’s the public preferences towards Christmas cards in the United Kingdom in 2019, is illustrated with a “Combined Radial and Rounded Bar Chart“.

A bar chart would also work well to compare the four survey options, the radial & rounded version gives an interesting & fancy look to the data.

While most people in the UK ‘love’ receiving Christmas cards (57% of those surveyed), 15% would prefer a digital or e-card over a posted card. Over two-thirds of those surveyed also would prefer the proceeds of their cards to help a charitable cause.


Planned Christmas Expenditure for Christmas 2019

Secondly, an”Arrow Doughnut Chart” was used to display consumers’ planned expenditure for Christmas 2019 in the UK.

A doughnut chart fits this data perfectly as we need to plot survey answers, with data split by category. Together, all the doughnuts represent 100% of Christmas expenses.

Unsurprisingly, over 50% of planned spending was on gifts for friends & family, with the next highest category being food & drink, where the average family expects to spend a quarter of their Christmas budget.


Grocery Price Changes at Christmas Time from 2009 – 2019

Lastly, Srikant used a “Sankey Chart” to display the Christmas food price changes in United Kingdom over the last decade, from 2009-2019.

Sankey Chart’s are generally used to represent flows, with each flow illustrated as arrows flowing from one node to another. The flow-style chart was a good way to show the Christmas foods and their price changes over the last decade.

The Sankey Chart illustrates that items such as Christmas veg, beers, and surprisingly Christmas crackers, generally tend to fall in the festive period, whereas prices of turkey, gravy and wine tend to increase.

Check out Srikant’s festive viz below:


(hint – click the play button on the bottom left for some festive tunes!)
If you’d like to take Tableau out for a spin, try Tableau Desktop for free on us:


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