Living and working in Glasgow, it is impossible to escape signs of homelessness in and around the city. The Scottish Government reports that over the last year, they have received almost 35,000 homeless applications, which is the first increase over the last 9 years. Homelessness doesn’t just include those sleeping on the streets; it includes those being threatened with violence, those in accommodation that is detrimental to their health, those who are staying in temporary accommodation and more.
Out of those experiencing homelessness in Scotland, over 12,000 are young people between the ages of 16 and 24 years old. All of these young people are more at risk of mental health problems, self-harm, abusing of illegal substances, and serious or fatal health conditions than their same-age counterparts who have a home. It is those young people who Action for Children look to support nationwide, with a network of support services and fundraising events, including Byte Night, the UK’s largest sponsored Corporate sleep-out.
Every year, individuals and teams from some of the UK’s largest technology and business service providers sleep out at Byte Night to raise vital funds and awareness to prevent youth homelessness. Mark Adamson, one of Eyecademy’s Senior Business Intelligence Consultants, has participated in Byte Night consequtively for the last 3 years:

“When I took part in Byte Night for the first time, it was purely with a view to try and help where I could, and make a small difference to those currently experiencing homelessness. It may not have been a large effect on my own, but I knew that together, we would all make a very real and significant difference to many peoples’ lives. This idea has definitely been realised, as Byte Night now consistently raises over £1 million for Action for Children every year.”

“On that first night in Edinburgh, there were 2 things that struck me about the environment I was bedding down in for the night; the level of noise and the level of light pollution (never mind the cold, wet Scottish weather). The noise is incredible, and the accompanying light pollution indescribable. One thing we didn’t have to contend with however, was the fear that those experiencing homelessness must have when they are sleeping in doorways, under bridges, anywhere to try and stay warm and dry.”

“I came away from that first night tired and unimaginably cold – but I came home to a loving wife and a warm, comfortable home. On reflection of my experience that night, I realised that our sleep-out turned out to be so much more than just knowing I helped raise money for the cause. I came home with a determination that I would never stop taking part in this event. It gave me an insight into how young people end up living on our cities’ streets, and the incredible work and support network that Action for Children have created to help. From mentors and counsellors, to developing safe environments to stay and learn, Action for Children help give young homeless people a chance that they should have had in the first place, but now for whatever reason find themselves without. Their work deserves all the support we can give.”

Mark Adamson

Senior BI Consultant, Eyecademy

This year, Mark is fundraising for Byte Night on Friday 5th October as part of team Eyecademy, with other sleepers including our Managing Director Colin West, Service Delivery Manager Pete Johnson, Marketing Manager Grace Cheah, Data Scientist Kathryn McCrindle, and Business Development Managers Derek Busby and Lauren Spark. All of us at Eyecademy are passionate about helping thousands of young people in our community find support, accommodation, education and training to ensure they have a safe and happy future, by supporting the work conducted by Action for Children.

If you would like to support Mark along with Team Eyecademy in our fundraising, you can sponsor us below:

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Thank you from all of us at Eyecademy for all your support!

Additionally if you would like to register a team of your own for Byte Nights across the UK, you can register at

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