Halloween Dashboard Showcase – Spooky Stephen King Films with Tableau

31st October 2019

by Gail Sinclair, Data Consultant

With It Chapter 2 being released earlier in September, and the hotly anticipated Shining sequel Doctor Sleep hitting UK cinemas today, 2019 has been a great year for Stephen King fans.
To celebrate both Halloween and the release of Doctor Sleep, our Data Consultant Gail has created our very own Stephen King-themed Tableau viz, joining box office data, film data and reviews from IMDb & Good Reads.
In creating her Tableau visualisation, Gail used a custom shape library to add the images of the film posters into the dashboard. To compare both the IMDb and GoodReads score in context, she created a diverging bar chart, which lets you see how the books’ original ratings fare compared to the cinematic version. For the genre information, she applied a combination of parameters and calculated dimensions to dynamically highlight the bubble chart with the film’s genre. Lastly, map background images were applied to create a dynamic background effect.
How does your favourite Stephen King film rank?

If you’d like to take Tableau out for a spin, try Tableau Desktop for free on us:


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