Halloween Dashboard Showcase: Wicked Witches & Baffling Bats

31st October 2019

by Joseph Herbert, Data Consultant

Happy Halloween everyone! This Halloween, we thought we would delve into the spookier side of Scotland’s history, going back in time over 400 years to uncover some information about our country’s supernatural past.
In Scottish folklore, there is a myth that Bats were once used by Witches as messengers to communicate with the Devil! Explore Scotland’s rich history of witches on our interactive Tableau map below, alongside some of the known roosting locations of bats today.

Using the search function of Tableau in-built maps, you can also search for any Scottish postcode, town or city to find out if there was a historic witch or a bat roost near you!

Find out more about how Joe built this dashboard below:

In creating the dashboard, the main difficulty was in the data preparation, as there was a lot of dirty and incomplete data in the chosen data sets. By using a mixture of joining techniques in Tableau Desktop, Joe was able to display both the roosting locations of the bats & the known parishes of the witches on one central map on the dashboard. 
Check out his Tableau Data Source Connections used:

Joe also created interactive tooltips displaying detailed information on the records of each witch, which was a lot of fun! There were lots of intricate (and somewhat gruesome!) details buried away in tables of the data set, which added a lot of context to the geographical information.

With some of the information being over 400 years old, connecting all the different data types was a challenge, but once completed this allows for Tableau’s Hyper Engine to recall all the detail quickly by linking the data sources together. 

If you’d like to take Tableau out for a spin, try Tableau Desktop for free on us:


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