We are delighted to announce the release of Eyecademy’s first software venture, Human Resources and People Analytics platform seeHR.

In development since 2017, seeHR is an easy-to-use Human Resources Information System (HRIS) combined with a powerful analytics capability to deliver new analytical insights about your workforce.

With seeHR, our mission is to let HR departments see their employees in a new way. We wanted to provide every company with a way to centralise all their HR management tasks & data in one easy to use system, that is also powerful enough to inform HR strategy simultaneously. On the surface, seeHR can help manage all your day-to-day HR administration tasks, such as managing annual leave and absences, storing documents, logging incidents and undertaking performance reviews.

However, we wanted to make seeHR more than just an HR software solution – but a strategic HR solution. Research has found that replacing key individuals who leave can cost businesses as much as 2x their annual salary, due to reduced productivity, and costs to recruit and retrain replacements. For senior managers, this can cost can grow up to 4x. Without trusted analytical insights, it becomes increasingly difficult to identify how to reduce these turnover-related costs. 

While helping you manage your operational HR administration, seeHR also uses data to analyse trends within your workforce contributing to absences and turnover. The advanced statistical analysis and mathematical modelling integrated into seeHR’s interface helps companies to identify employees at risk of leaving the organisation, and the factors driving this. Our platform can help you intervene with staff retention issues by informing you of factors contributing to employee turnover, allowing you to make strategic decisions that could save you thousands in replacement costs. Together with seeHR, you can utilise your data to make business improvements that will increase your employee satisfaction and drive productivity.

Free 14 day trials are now available for seeHR. For more information, please visit our dedicated website www.seehr.co.uk.


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