Scottish Premiership 2019: Predicting the Season

by Joanna Carberry & Jamie McLaughlin

Any football season will inevitably kick off with various pundits, media outlets and fans predicting (and debating) how the table will look when it’s all over. For the most part, while these predictions are made for fun, they are more like ‘wish lists’ of where your team will finish compared to rivals.
Well, here at Eyecademy, we don’t have any affiliations and we certainly don’t do guesswork – so we put a data scientist to the test to use real analytics to create our prediction for Season 19/20. To create our predictions using R, the past 6 years of finishing positions were weighted, with a small multiplier added against off-season activity and how each team finished last year. Factors that were also added into our analysis were aspects such as losing or winning streaks, new managers or new player additions.
Take a look at what the data has to say – are there any surprises?


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