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Eyecademy Joins Atos Horizons SME Program

We are delighted to have been selected to join Horizons, the pioneering programme from Atos UK and Ireland, that brings customers the best talent and solutions from the UK and Ireland SME community. With our headquarters in Glasgow and employees across the UK, we will...

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Data Visualisation for IoT: Barcelona’s Smart Bins

In 2018, our Service Delivery Manager at the time , Pete Johnson, and our Lead Data Scientist, Kathryn McCrindle, were invited to present at the 10th Meetup of the Glasgow Internet of Things group, organised and hosted by Stephen Milne of CENSIS. Passionate...

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From Bronte to Tolstoy: Finding patterns in free text.

by Jamie McLaughlin,Data Consultant, Eyecademy What Value Possibly Exists in Open Text Data? So, many of our usual day-to-day processes include difficulties with how to properly capture information. On the data input side, we have the varied masses who...

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How To: Extract SAP ERP Data

by Andrew Bryson,Data Consultant, Eyecademy Scenario Let’s set the scene. You, your clients, or your client’s clients have SAP implemented into the business. You need to pull information from all areas of the system, such as client information, material information,...

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Our Top Data Horror Stories

What happens when data turns horrible? Which data management mishaps keep us awake at night? What data breaches give us goosebumps? This Halloween, we’ve broken down our top ‘data horror stories’ from our team, to give you some dos and don’ts for your data management:...

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Why Should You Use Data Visualisation?

With technology advancing at an exponential rate, the capturing and use of data has revolutionised how we make decisions. However, with corporate data growing at over 40% year on year, the sheer volume at our disposal can often be difficult to manage & utilise...

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Wild Haggis Sightings: Burns Night Tableau Dashboard

The Wild Haggis is a species native to Scotland, and is notoriously difficult to find without the help of an expert huntsman. With Burns Night just around the corner, Eyecademy’s Solutions Team have created a Tableau dashboard to help both visitors and locals try...

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Ultimate Power BI Licensing Guide – Part 2: Power BI Pro

by Robert French,Data Consultant, Eyecademy In the last article in our Ultimate Power BI Licensing Guide, we explored the impressive functionality that comes with a Power BI Free license. If you or some of your users have had a chance to explore Power BI so far, you...

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Ultimate Power BI Licensing Guide – Part 1: Power BI Free

Power BI is the new kid on the block. Everyone is talking about and getting very excited, and why shouldn’t they? This suite of tools has transformed the landscape of reporting options for those who use Microsoft technologies. Before the launch of Project Cresent (the...

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