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As Data Experts, we truly believe that the quality of your business data can be a critical factor in your organisation’s success.

Bad data can come from many places, such as incorrect or outdated customer addresses, duplicate records, or errors in your business systems.

From engineering data processes and profiling your data, to conducting root cause analysis and data remediation, we help businesses like yours clean their data and get more value from it at every stage of the Data Journey.

In addition to our expert consultants and world-class software, we utilise our own Data Quality Methodology and Toolkit – AMMIE. With no expensive software investments required from our clients, AMMIE is designed to break down your organisation’s data quality issues into bite-sized, manageable projects that can be achieved in weeks, not months.
AMMIE is our own unique and complete Data Quality solution, which we can implement at any stage of the Data Quality process.

Once your data is clean and processes are in place to ensure it remains so, we can help you select and implement the right Business Intelligence tools for your business, so you can focus on making the right decisions.

Process Engineering


Data Profiling


Data Integration


Data Modelling


Data Quality


Data Cleansing


ETL Processes


Data Warehousing


Root Cause Analysis


Data Lineage


Data Remediation


Master Data Management


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COVID-19 Notice

During the current COVID-19 crisis we are working remotely from home on our clients' projects. We can be contacted on 0844 335 0345, on our mobiles or email as normal.

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