Measure your Marketing ROI with Domo

Domo & Marketing ROI: One Analytics platform can connect to more social media data sources than any other and that platform is Domo.

Why not Integrate your social data much more into the wider company in order to gain a deeper understanding of customers, gain insights and get a clear picture of ROI.


Those ahead of the pack have a holistic view, integrating social data with web, CRM, and other business systems—and this data integration leads to the highest levels of confidence in social ROI

(Source: Hootsuite Survey 2021)

Connect Into The Data

Domo has data connectors to 500+ Data Sources – including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Marketo, Google Analytics and Linkedin.

See The Information You Care About

Domo provide many pre-built Social Media Dashboards. All you need to do is provide your login and your data populates the visualisations.

Combine Data From Multiple Sources

Once your connections are set up its easy to create your own Dashboards – using Domos intuitive interface you can choose what you want and how you want to view it.

Collaborate Easily with your Colleagues

Domo Talk and Buzz allows you to message your collegues – highlighting spikes, sharing insights or just discussing the latest stats.

Get Alerts When You Need Them

Using Domos intuitive Alerts you can set thresholds and have Domo text or mail you (or your collegues) the instant that Alert is triggered.


As Much Power as You Need

Domo is designed to be easy to use. Creating the cards that make up your dashboards is intuitive and puts you in control of what you want to see. As a Marketing end-user you can get as much out of Domo as you need but Domo does not end there. Domo comes with a powerful technical back-end that can do so much more.

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