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We work with some of the largest organisations in the country - helping them get the most from their data. Below is a sample of some of our clients plus some case studies to show the breadth of work that we do.

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Data Integration, Dashboard and Visualisation Case Studies

Case Study: Dashboard Creation and Data Integration

After creating a number of MI tools in QlikView for Executive Reporting across Finance, Commercial and Performance departments, DE&S needed additional BI support to further develop tool functionality to the reporting level that they required.

Case Study: Data Integration and IOT Data Management

Due to the purchase of 70 new electric Hitachi trains, our client required a data expert to develop a solution that would manage and process multiple new data inputs from IoT sensors aboard their new trains.

Case Study: Process Automation and Dashboard Creation

The client had a manual KPI reporting process that was outdated time- consuming. They had difficulty in tracking that the correct procedure data entry procedure was being followed due to multiple teams having access to the content.

Case Study: Data Storytelling

Eyecademy were engaged by Glasgow City Council to work with their staff on how to make their Data visualisations more meaningful. They wanted to show how datasets, available through the open data platform, could be used to say something about everyones lives.

Data Science And Digital Transformation Case Studies

Case Study: Profit Optimisation & Recommendation Engine

Our client is a global supplier of medical equipment and services to dental practices and dental laboratories. Committed to providing the latest technology and excellent service to their customers, they recognised an opportunity to optimise profits while improving the service to their customers and a need to refine manual processes.

Case Study: Digital Transformation In the NHS

Over the last 10 years, we have delivered a wide variety of solutions across all of the Local Scottish NHS Health Boards, as well as at a national level with NHS National Services Scotland. From streamlining data processes and creating self-serve & mobile BI environments, through to reviewing Data Quality & Health Board Reporting requirements, we are proud to be a preferred supplier across NHS Scotland.

Case Study: Dashboard Creation in Sports Data and Reporting

Our client is a high profile Scottish sports organisation with an international fan base. Looking to enhance reporting with continued access to ticketing data after a partner migration, we developed a new Business Intelligence environment, in collaboration with Tableau. Designing a new data model, we created a scaleable reporting solution to deliver ticketing insights across the organisation.

Case Study: Digital Twin

Our client was looking to explore the use of digital twin concepts to drive predictive maintenance of assets as part of a digitally enabled asset management approach within the business. A significant number of bespoke solutions across the business had been identified and there was a drive for a more consistent approach.

Software Development & Data Science Case Studies

Case Study: Mental Health Web App & Recommendation Engine

Our client is a Newcastle-based start-up with big ideas to shake up the ‘one size fits all’ approach to providing access to Mental Health resources. They secured funding for a web-based application that would use Data Science to provide resource recommendations based on similarity of experience and feedback on the success of these resources.

Case Study: Predictive Engine & Recommendation Engine with Online Marketplace

Our client is a construction start-up, who were developing an application to allow construction companies to accurately forecast waste production and cost on projects. The application was designed to provide construction companies with information on waste management suppliers to easily compare service capabilities and rates.

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