Trusted Partners

We partner with leading software providers to offer our clients the best of both worlds – technology agnostic consultancy with first class software! We can provide licensing, consultancy and support in these technologies.

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Speed up your workflow with Alteryx: automate your processes and enable predictive and geospatial solutions.

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Engage with data in a digitally connected business, while ensuring IT has complete visibility and control.

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Get more inisghts and make better business decisions by extracting, migrating and transforming your data in the cloud.

Power BI


Unify data & create interactive dashboards and reports that provide actionable insights and drive business results.

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Understand your data: Conduct limitless exploration & visualisation of your data for faster decision making.

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The fastest way to work with big data: Advanced SQL analytics database with built-in machine learning and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Eyecademy?

Being a partner brings benefits to our customers:

  • We can supply consultants who are accredited in the installation and configuration of the technology
  • We can supply consultants who know how to get the most from the technology
  • We can price our services at a far more competitive rate than going directly to the Software Vendor
  • Very often we can use our Partner Discount to offer a far better deal than going directly to the Vendor
  • We are able to provide solutions which are best fit for your organisation rather than being bound to a specific technology. 

Are these the only technologies that Eyecademy specialise in ?

No, our multi-skilled team have many years experience in many of the other leading Data technologies such as Qlikview, Microstrategy, Power BI and SAP Business Objects.

Please contact us for more information. 

I need to purchase some Software Licenses. Can I get these from you ?

Yes, we are accredited to supply licenses for all our Partners. Also, very often, we can offer a better deal than going straight to the Vendor.

What benefits do you get as Partners ?

As Partners we will always get access to the latest versions of the Software so our team are always up to date. We get access to information on what’s coming and are in a good position to advise our Customers on the best technology for their specific needs.